Amit Bhandarkar MBBS, MS, MD

Dr. Amit Bhandarkar MBBS, MS, MDDr. Amit Bhandarkar M.B.B.S., M.S., M.D. is a fellowship trained, Orthopedic Spine surgeon. Dr Bhandarkar evaluates and treats a wide variety of spine ailments consistent with his comprehensive spine training. He has practiced and done fellowships in the USA, Canada, Seoul (South Korea), Maldives and India. His area of focus is minimally invasive spine surgery, and his special interests are spine related pain management and endoscopic spine surgery (the least invasive option) for lumbar disc related disorders.

Pain is the most important symptom that Dr. Bhandarkar addresses on a daily basis. He is an empathetic, compassionate physician who listens closely to patients in order to help focus his efforts to locate their source of pain. Dr. Bhandarkar then confirms those pain generators with objective tests and formulates a minimally invasive plan, which is at the same time maximally effective at keeping patients pain free and functional for as long as possible.

Dr. Bhandarkar has been a keen researcher and has many international publications and presentations to his credit. He is an ardent believer in evidence-based medicine, and he practices only those techniques whose results are reproducible and have been proven effective.

As Dr. Bhandarkar has travelled, trained and practiced across the world, he has encountered various cultures, customs and practices. This experience, whether performing complex deformity surgery on children in New York, or learning minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery in South Korea, has provided Dr. Bhandarkar insight into patients’ diverse personal backgrounds in a way that helps him relate on a very personal level.

Dr. Bhandarkar is excited to bring his expertise to the Southern Illinois region, and is looking forward to the warmth and charm of the local communities. He is eager to meet those in need of his skills and provide those patients the very best experience possible.