How to Prepare for Operation Day

Surgery can be overwhelming and sometimes a little bit scary. To help our patients feel at ease, the Prairie Spine staff came up with tips on how to prepare for a stress free operation day.
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Prairie Spine’s Clinical Service Team Focuses on Quality of Life

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to follow a spine surgeon around on clinic days you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Kube, founder/owner of Prairie Spine & Pain Institute, sees patients outside of the operating room on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Peoria, IL. On these days, he and his clinical staff are determined to provide the best care possible in every exam room.
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Holiday Shopping Can Cause Lower Back Pain

How to avoid the pain and exhaustion that can accompany holiday shopping

Holiday shopping can be tough on your wallet. But did you ever consider how your wallet might be equally tough on you, especially your back? George Costanza famously suffered from back pain after carrying an overstuffed wallet in one episode of “Seinfeld.”

And what about those heavy packages that weigh you down as you’re traipsing through the mall? All that extra baggage can cause pain in your lower back and throughout your body. Read more…

Prairie Spine Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving

As many of us reflect on the things in life we are thankful for, all of us at Prairie Spine would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to our patients, friends and families! In observance of the holiday, we will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd to give our employees time to enjoy the day with their loved ones. We are extremely grateful for each of you and hope you enjoy your holiday!

Successful Surgeries and Satisfied Patients at Prairie Spine and Pain Institute

At Prairie Spine and Pain Institute, patient experience and happiness is just important as wellness, treatment, and recovery. As our slogan says, “Expert Spine Care… One Patient At A Time,” we strive each and every day to make each patient experience as positive and successful as possible. Read more…