Adult Stem Cell Therapy Available at Prairie Spine & Pain Institute

The Prairie Spine and Pain Institute and Dr. Kube are trained to use adult stem cell therapy to promote natural healing with spine and orthopedic conditions. Our goal is to help you restore your function and mobility or decrease your back and neck pain to restore your quality of life.

If you suffer from constant back pain, arthritis or discomfort in your joints, stem cell therapy may be a viable solution and the best option to treating your pain. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who wants to be active without continual pain and restrictions, we can help!

At Prairie Spine and Pain Institute, we are experts in treating degenerative conditions of the back, hips, knees and other joints through stem cell therapy procedures. Prior to performing stem cell treatments, our process confirms that other viable treatment solutions have been attempted with little to no success. Before invasive surgery and stem cell treatment we want to make sure patients have considered physical therapy, over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines, good nutrition, exercise and time to resolve pain problems.

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