Prairie Spine and Pain Institute Is Growing!

In early April, Dr. Richard Kube and the staff at Prairie Spine Pain Institute added another new service to the practice. One of the key goals of our medical practice has always been to offer a truly integrated care environment for our patients. As part of the continuing commitment to care offered by Prairie Spine & Pain Institute Dr. Kube recently added another care component to our overall integrated care program that provides the opportunity for our patients to have spine or pain procedures performed right here at our practice.

We call this new care component “Prairie SurgiCare”. It is available exclusively to the patients of Prairie Spine & Pain Institute in the event they need a spine or pain procedure performed by Dr. Kube and his staff. This new care component was added to our existing practice in April of 2012.

We plan on continuing to expand the clinical services offered at Prairie Spine & Pain Institute during the fall of 2012 with our new “Quality of Life” care component, which will complete our entire “Integrated Care Program” for our patients. As we plan on continuing to be on the cutting edge of healthcare offerings within our specialty Dr. Kube will continue to create unique patient offerings to provide the best possible clinical outcomes for our patients.

“Our new surgical suite allows us to provide better access to care for patients and allows us to customize the care for each person,” said Dr. Richard Kube. “Now, we can see our patients, evaluate and diagnose their condition, provide quality of life counseling, rehabilitate them and if necessary, perform a spine or pain procedure all in one location.”

The concept of providing an integrated care environment for patient chronic disease management is a key component of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” as passed by President Obama in 2010. We are proud to lead the way forward by offering our patients the medical care they need in a single integrated care environment.

From start and finish in three months, Prairie SurgiCare is something no one else has accomplished before. Our new surgical suite was custom built and received a perfect accreditation score from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). “There is nothing like this in the area, the entire surgical suite was customized to perform spine and pain procedures,” Dr. Kube said.

The opening of our new surgical suite “Prairie SurgiCare” is a milestone in Dr. Kube’s plan to create a comprehensive integrated care for spine and pain patients, because it significantly expands the services he can offer his patients. He is also expanding his staff, hiring additional nurses and doctors to fully implement his integrated care vision.

Everything about our new surgical suite “Prairie SurgiCare” is unique and built to accommodate Dr. Kube and his practice. For example, the operating suite is designed with positive air pressure, which means sterile air is pumped into the operating room. The constant turnover of clean sterilized air significantly reduces the potentials of infection.

“Our Surgical Suite is larger than normal to allow for all of the unique pieces of surgical equipment we use,” he said. “We utilize more technology and minimally invasive equipment than you’ll find in other operating rooms because we want to make sure that the spine or pain procedures we perform are as minimally invasive and efficient as possible for our patients.”

In the 5,700 square foot addition to Prairie Spine & Pain Institute Dr. Kube can now perform a variety of minimally invasive spine procedures and pain management treatments.

Local union sub-contractors provided all of the carpentry, mechanical work, electrical installation, plumbing, oxygen systems, finishes and building design. The project’s architect and general contractor worked with the “Physical Environment Checklist” provided by the AAAHC to make sure the facility included all the components necessary for accreditation and overall patient safety.

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