Should Spine Surgeons Hire Physician’s Assistants?

Becker's Spine asks Should Spine Surgeons Hire Physician's AssistantsBecker’s Spine Review looked to Dr. Richard Kube earlier this month to discuss the pros and cons of hiring physician assistants. Check out his response, below.

Becker’s Spine: What do you wish you had known about hospital employment before taking up that option?

Richard Kube, MD, Founder, CEO, Prairie Spine & Pain Institute (Peoria, Ill.): Yes, if you can support them. If you have the ability to truly develop an extender of yourself, it is quite valuable on many levels. PAs are potentially so much more than someone to help you round and do scut work you wish to avoid. If you are willing to take the time to train and mentor those individuals, you can increase the volume your practice is able to handle as well as develop added service lines for your practice. Those added lines are not only a benefit to your patients, by incorporating more of their care under one roof, but you also have added financial verticals for the business.

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