Recent Testimonials – Prairie Spine and Pain Institute Late Summer 2016

Recent Testimonials - Prairie Spine and Pain Institute Fall 2016

At Prairie Spine and Pain Institute, patient experience and happiness is just important as wellness, treatment, and recovery. As our slogan says, “Expert Spine Care… One Patient At A Time,” we strive each and every day to make each patient experience as positive and successful as possible.

Check out what some of our recent patients have to say about our work, below!

“Dr. Kube and his staff are top–of–the–line professionals. I want to thank Dr. Kube for listening to me about my pain and associated physical problems that I had when I first came to him. I am forever grateful to Dr. Kube for finding and addressing my problems, I am overwhelmed with joy. I was in pain and desperate for help, and it seemed that everyone was closing their doors on me. Dr. Kube instilled hope and faith back in to my life. Everyone at Prairie Spine & Pain Institute has been a blessing. I especially like the ease of access to the facility, quiet atmosphere and cleanliness of each department. The staff was very professional, courteous and remarkably organized.  I finally found a doctor that treated my pain instead of ignoring my plea for help.”

—Donald S.

“(Prairie Spine is) the best if you are looking for relief and an honest caring staff and doctor…  This is the place to go. Both my husband and I have been treated at Prairie Spine. The staff and Dr Kube are the best.”

—Lynette F.

“There are so many girls there in the office that are nice and actually want to work with you. I love them all for all the help they gave me. Dr. Kube is wonderful and so is the staff.”

—Martha B.

“I saw Dr. Kube at the beginning of my spine troubles, and he gave me his expert advise.  I should have listened to him, because he was exactly right. Instead, I went for a second opinion and had several back surgeries that didn’t help my pain, and just led to more problems. Dr. Kube told me this at my very first visit with him, and only if I would have listened… things would have been so different today.”

— Leisa T.

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